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The Fit Factor

Sports: Fit factor
Sports activities take place at the deck of Whale Tails next to Knippenga. The workouts will be led by Rianne van Rijswijk, she is experienced coach who manages to get the best out of everybody !

Classes starting the end of November:
• Stretch & Match (combination of yoga, thaichi and pilates)
• Core (focus on abs, glutes and back)
• Full Body Workout (interval workout)
• Stability ball (strengthening exercises with the stability ball)
• Bodyshape (cardio and body toning exercises)

In spring of 2020 we expect the gym and pool to open, by then we offer personal training and aquagym

Getting fit only works when you enjoy the sports you are doing. Some people like competition or playful elements in their workout, while other feel absolutely zen, just thoughtlessly training, especially after a long day of working. Whale Tails Club will have a fully equiped gym, expected in spring 2020.

Rianne van Rijswijk
Rianne van Rijswijk My name is Rianne and sport gives me strength, power, energy and it clears my mind. It is not a guarantee for a long life, but for a happy life it is. I am sure there is a fun activity for everyone, that you love to practice. Sometimes you just need to discover it and make the time for that. Do what you like and do what makes you feel good. See improvements, feel proud, set your goal and go for it. I am happy to help you find the fit factor in you!
I also provide relaxation and sports massages (30 and 60 minutes)

Whale Tails Club will have a luxury wellness with a Spa. Feel reborn while relaxing in our sauna and enjoying the peacefull environment of the nature in the Quill area.
Excersise with stability ball
Excersise with stability ball
Aqua gym